What sets us apart from other shops: 

  • We list the bikes we stock. There are thousands of bikes to choose from - we will help find the right bike or product for you. If we don't have what you are looking for in store, no worries, we can order any Trek, Cannondale, Rocky Mountain, or Breezer product.

  • We don't hide our prices. We offer the best prices on Trek, Cannondale, Rocky Mountain, and Breezer bikes in the area (research is encouraged).

  • When you purchase a new bike - road, mountain, cyclocross, hybrid, kids - you receive 5 free tune-ups within 5 years of purchase date. Our complimentary $300 tune-up package will help maintain your bike and is our way of showing our commitment to our valued customers. 

Mountain Bikes (from $350)

Off the road and into the woods riding

Hybrids (from $350)

These are more upright bikes for pavement or dirt roads

Road Bikes (from $599)

Lightweight bikes designed for fast riding

Kids Bikes (from $199)

For kids ages 3 to 10. You can trade these bikes in as your child grows. 

Used Bikes

Used bikes usually come in as a trade-in